Jack Mason Inc & Co CEO Jack Mason Gives His Views On What The UK Market Will Be Like During and After the Lockdown

Jack MasonWith many governments across the world battling with Covid-19, it is not easy to say with certainty what the world will be like after numerous lockdowns. According to Jack Mason Inc & Co CEO Jack Mason, the only this one can be sure of is it will take time for life to get back to normal. Many people who in their life have never witnessed a lockdown of any kind will be forced to stay indoors, lacking some services but that will not be long.

According to Jack Mason Inc & Co CEO, the British government, just like other countries in the world that have imposed lockdowns to their citizens, aims at minimizing people’s exposure to the virus, which is now ravaging lives. “Once the government ,has contained the spread on the virus, there will be no need for the lockdown. For now, people need to stay at home. That way, there will be minimal exposure to the coronavirus,” said Jack Mason Inc & Co CEO. The British entrepreneur mentioned this as his company launched Laundrapp, an online software that offers its clients cleaning services across major cities in the United Kingdom.

Mason added that the government has announced that only those offering essential services such as health, fire extinguishing, the police, and electricity are allowed to be found outside in the streets. Even so, those working in those departments need to have clearance from authorities in their respective municipalities.

Jack Mason

After the lockdown, people will be allowed to go back to their businesses. Although people expect to head back to their normal life soon, there is a likelihood that the government will ease lockdown measures gradually. As a firm head, jack Mason is keen to see how the lockdown affects his business. A closure look at the trend in the online and brick and mortar industry helps the CEO to predict how his business will move forward. When announcing the firms stand on the lockdown, which he acknowledged to support fully, Jack also said he is expecting several changes going forward. Top of the changes he mentioned is higher wages for those people working in key areas.