James Gutierrez: Low-Income Housing Solutions for the 21st Century

Having a fundamental understanding of the causes and impacts of generational poverty, James Gutierrez has devoted his life and career to enhancing the life quality in low-income communities. Before starting his own lending company, James Gutierrez served as the Managing Director of Lend Up Student Loans. Before Lend Up, he was a co-founder of Reserves LLC, a lending platform for Community Development Financial Institutions.

In addition, he worked as a Senior Vice President at Enterprise Community Investment, where he led several affordable housing development projects in high-growth markets. Strengthening communities James’ knowledge and experience have led him to become a prolific leader in affordable housing development and delivery.

Empowerment through lending: How has financial technology, lending, and financial education influenced James’ career as a professional and through his personal life? James Gutierrez started his career in financial services as a Loan Officer, which is a heavy-handed way to understand the mortgage and loan industry. James felt very uncomfortable with the tactics used to secure funding for the families and homes of many low-income families.

The majority could not afford to purchase homes and were put into a predatory lending situation. After six years as a Loan Officer, James Gutierrez switched careers and used his passion for beginning writing and for getting engaged in finance as a career. For a decade, James Gutierrez worked in Wall Street, which was his way to create change.

James is at the heart of his work and drives his decisions. He has been an asset in shaping the nation’s transition into a nation of haves and have nots. A tireless advocate of the LGBT community, he has also served as an advisor for Appointed Officials (NALEO) and an Advocate for Advancing the Economy, A Former Labor Relations Board Member.

When asked about the key to finding value in an investment, James Gutierrez said that we should never underestimate the power of investing in a company that also improves our society. There are numerous examples of positive, change-oriented corporate leaders, but they are few and far between.

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