Jason Hope Vision in Internet of Things and Anti-Aging

Jason Hope is a celebrated internet entrepreneur and an expert in making accurate predictions about future technology. The avid and savvy businessman hails from the prominent Phoenix area. Besides predicting future technology, Jason derives a sense of gratification from engaging in charitable work. In this article, we will cover some of his favorite topics: SENS and IoT (Prweb).



Jason Hope


His Thought on the Internet of Things

The internet of things is gaining popularity day by day. Devices that were rare to find can now be connected to have optimal control of the environment. Jason had predicted this disruptive technology before it was unveiled to the public. He has pointed out that The Internet of Things will continue to change till everything is connected. According to Jason Hope, the ever-changing technology speeds efficiency in personal life and business. With current technology, you can manage all your tasks instantly and conveniently. IoT will not only be connected to homes but also be used to solve health-related problems. Technology will help to improve the quality of health and wellness and extend longevity. 


Jason Hope’s Research on Anti-Aging and Longevity and Interest In SENS 

In 2010, Jason Hope made a name in the philanthropic world when he donated a sizable contribution to SENS Research Foundation. Investor Jason Hope has mobilized funds for a long time and actively participated in the foundation because he shares the same ideologies and believes in their mission. The SENS Research Foundation is currently researching how to cure the ageing process and advance human longevity. In addition, the SENS foundation is focusing on curing illnesses and diseases caused by aging. Jason believes that SENS and IoT will continue to help enhance the quality of life in the near future. According to Jason, the golden key to longevity is discovering your purpose in life. You can discover your purpose through your profession. In addition, your purpose could be hidden in your hobbies, volunteering or helping people become better versions of themselves.