John W. Hayden of Hauser Private Equity Recognition by Greater Cincinnati Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame Laureate award of achievement recognition is celebrated in the more significant part of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. The award is given to individuals who have made remarkable impacts beyond their respective fields by improving communities via their leadership. John Hayden, a board member in Hauser Private Equity, received the award from the Cincinnati business community for his excellent leadership in Midland Company, where he represented as one of the board of directors of various public and private Firms.

The aristocracy award was founded in 1991 to appreciate entrepreneurship history and commerce achievements around the Cincinnati area. Junior Achievement of OKI Partners Inc., together with Cincinnati Museums Center, donated the award. Video records of each achievement are produced and presented at the orientation ceremony of the aristocracy and then stored at Cincinnati Museums Center to preserve the vital history to the people of Cincinnati. The orientation ceremony event assists young successful OKI alliance to carry out their mission of empowering young individuals to embrace their economic success.

A select panel of domestic trade captains selects the laureates. They are categorized into three groups, namely: Those whose contribution plays a vital part of the business in Cincinnati group record; the ones whose work has set higher work standards in the industry and has passed the bar to next-generation leadership; and current ones who made an impact in line with the companies’ vision.

John Hayden of Hauser Private Equity has more than thirty years of working with the Midland Company, deserved the award. He started his career at the insurance firm as an underwriter, then product design and pricing. Later he moved to sales and sales management and later became a CEO due to his hard work. Under his leadership it market capital raised from million to billion. He retired from Midland Company but has remained active in Cincinnati enterprise society and last in the Hauser Private Equity board membership.

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