Josh Garza

Josh Garza is most well-known for his time on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast and as a co-founder and CEO of GAW Miners.

He has faced criticism for his involvement with other Bitcoin-related ventures, such as ZenMiner, PayCoin, HashCoin, and CoinSwap.

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He has been called a scammer and a fraud; defenders of Garza have argued that his business practices have been misunderstood and that he was targeted by the failure of GAW Miners due to the controversy caused by cryptocurrency media site Coinfire, which was successfully sued for defamation.

His Achievements In Bussiness

Garza co-founded GAW Miners and launched ZenMiner and PayCoin.

However, he has since been accused of running a scam.

He was permanently banned from the US Marshals website for not paying the fine for his involvement with the failed HashCoins.

He has received many awards, including:

Cited as one of the most influential people in the Bitcoin space by Bitcoin Magazine, who has also been critical of his business practices,

Members of the Bitcoin community have criticized Josh Garza.

Some have accused him of being a scammer.

The controversy surrounding Garza’s involvement with other businesses and investments began in late 2015 when CoinFire posted a story detailing allegations that Garza was involved with HashCoin (the failed cryptocurrency founded by Jon Montroll).

HashCoin had been profiled on CoinFire on November 10, 2015, and alleged that Josh Garza had initiated efforts to increase the coin’s value before it failed to deliver on its promises.

The founder of HashCoins is involved in a controversial and mostly failed bitcoin startup.

If he is so successful, why didn’t he quit when the failures started?

Many young founders failed for want of funds but did not earn the name ‘scammer’ because they were trying to make a profit.

So we must conclude that this founder has a very shallow idea of success and, therefore, no perspective on failure.

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