Philip Belamant Declares that Zilch has Hit 2 Million Users

Zilch is a fintech company based in London that is setting records for tremendous growth; therefore, showing customers’ response to the establishment’s commitment to succeed as described by Philip Belamant, the CEO. In late 2021, Zilch’s net value was approximately $2B, shortly after Series A. Therefore, Zilch is the most successful unicorn in Europe.

Philip Belamant said that Zilch had exceeded 2M beneficiaries to achieve the milestone figure for any fintech firm. Fintech is perceived as the greatest challenge and disruptor of traditional finance, and Zilch is distinctively standing out regardless of the space. Therefore, the company is hurriedly orienting towards Philip’s vision of developing the best payment platform in the world.

This unmatched growth means that Zilch is unique amongst other fintech establishments. Also, many customers are attracted to Zilch’s strategy and competition is still stiff in the industry and space. Zilch’s growth figures are on a different level, and this explains the company is surging higher in finance.

Often, Zilch ranks among other BNPL firms, but it was created to render a better service platform. BNP helps consumers to pay for items in installments and also concentrates on digital shopping at varying outlets. Zilch offers that service even though it extends past online shopping, standard BNPL plans.

Therefore, these offerings differentiate the company’s products amongst others in crowded spaces. Zilch’s offerings are bound on basic commitments underlying’s strategy. It enables clients to use the platform anywhere to shop. Also Zilch rewards consumers for choosing it.

The platform’s focus on value and agility has triggered a dedicated business prototype that connects with customers who can use virtual credit cards for shopping. Philip Belamant said that they had never witnessed more value created in each customer transaction. Philip added that this was the reason why Zilch resonated perfectly with the consumers.