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Robinson HelicopterRobinson Helicopter Company has kept a good record in the production of R66 Turbine 22 and R44. The company was established in1973 by Frank Robinson. Robinson has been on the frontline to encourage safety and carry out regular safety courses for helicopter flight tutors and maintenance courses for engineers. The first helicopter that the company introduced was in 1979, which was the two-place piston-powered R22. The R22 was a simple design w2hich needed low maintenance as well as its cost. Over time most people would now fly, and the demand for small cheaper helicopters was high.

To quench the higher demand, Robinson Helicopter Company invented the R44 in 1992, which had a more powerful 0-540 engine. Another distinguishing feature of the R44 is that it had a larger Lycoming. The R44 was later titled R44 Raven I.R44 Raven II was later manufactured and had a similar design to the original R44. The only difference is that it had I0-540 fuel-injected engine as well as a 28-volt electrical system. The I0-540 in the R44 would enable the helicopters to perform at high elevations and in scorching temperatures.

As time passed by, growth was the target of the Robinson Company, and it embarked on manufacturing a turbine-powered helicopter. The company affiliated with Roll Royce and developed the RR300 turbine engine. It’s through the engine that the five-place turbine helicopter referred to as R66 Turbine was introduced.

Robinson Helicopter

Currently, Robinson Helicopter the most selling helicopters are the R44 and R66. The popularity of these two helicopters is the ability of their diverse configuration. Also, the company examines and conducts flight tests of its helicopter to ensure safety measures are well preserved. The company has considered investing in well-trained personnel to ensure quality is maintained. Today Robinson helicopters have delivered over ten thousand helicopters globally.