Ross Levinsohn Coveted Abilities Are Proving Invaluable To The Business Domain

Ross LevinsohnBetween his decades of business experience and abundance of industry insight, Ross Levinsohn is undoubtedly cut from a different cloth. With his unique skills and unwavering ambition, Levinsohn’s found tremendous success over the last 30 years. Fortunately, his brilliance has impacted various trades, ranging from the sports sphere to the technology domain. Communications, digital marketing, and media relations are some other fields he’s versed in.

Since starting his career in 1990, Levinsohn’s embraced several opportunities. As a result, he’s worked for prestigious companies like HBO, Yahoo, Guggenheim Digital Media, and Sports Illustrated. In fact, many know Levinsohn for the contributions he made to the latter. In 2019, Levinsohn was named the CEO of Sports Illustrated. While at the helm, Levinsohn took his responsibilities seriously, managing daily operations while finding ways to improve the company’s bottom line.

With some savvy restructuring, Levinsohn turned the company around. Under his dynamic leadership, Sports Illustrated generated higher subscription revenues and, in turn, bid farewell to its financial challenges. What’s more, Levinsohn made some wise investments, allowing the company to revamp its editorial operations. Most notably, Levinsohn put a premium on niche audiences, giving consumers both the attention and content they deserve.

Since his stint at Sports Illustrated, Levinsohn’s moved on to Maven. This Seattle-based media company recently purchased Sports Illustrated, making Levinsohn’s transition seamless. At Maven, Levinsohn’s working hard to push the company forward in an otherwise competitive realm. While this task presents numerous challenges, Levinsohn boasts the necessary experience and expertise to get the job done. With Ross Levinsohn’s continued success, his eminence is growing by leaps and bounds.