Wes Edens, Founder of New Fortress Energy and A Top Entrepreneur

Wes Edens is the establisher of the New Fortress Energy firm. The primary aim of coming up with this firm is to end harmful global emissions to the environment. He explains the significance of and how the environment benefits from zero emissions and hydrogen in his talks. He also talks of the need to minimize the number of carbon emissions emitted in the air. Doing so will have positive impacts on the environment.

In his interview, Wes Edens explains how vital hydrogen is. The role of hydrogen towards a zero-carbon energy landscape is worth noting. The amount of hydrogen elements on earth is excess. As a result, several firms and industries have taken this as an advantage. Most industries find this element of great significance because it is being used in fossil fuel power generation. The Fortress Investment Group has played a significant role in advocating for the lowering of the price of hydrogen and carbon tax. The company’s key areas have laid its focus on include logistics, strength, Finance, and infrastructure.

Wes Edens also goes ahead to discuss the output cost of hydrogen and zero-emission. The price of a kilogram of hydrogen varies. Its range is from $2.50 to $6. Here, electrolysis is a necessity. During the electrolysis process, these three elements of water, oxygen, and hydrogen are separated. Several industries have implemented renewable energy to make the cost price-friendly. With the increase of other alternatives of emerging green energy and the charges of renewable sources are reduced to affordability.

You only need a minimum amount of renewable energy to produce hydrogen. This is integral in the elimination of fossil fuels. Curtailing of wind and hydrogen is integral in the production of hydrogen. When it comes to stability, it overshines the battery. We are also expecting improvements in the storage and transport sector. Green hydrogen helps in the manufacture of ship fuel, steel, and also fertilizer.

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